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O'Connor Property Management

O’Connor Property Management was acquired by Tim O’Connor in 2001 with the intention of caring for other owners’ properties as if they were his own. Since that time O’Connor Property Management has expanded to manage a diverse portfolio of properties across the St. Louis metro area.

O’Connor Management has a comprehensive bundle of services designed to increase property value through solid, experienced management. Our experienced team is ready to meet the needs of any type or any size of property. We manage homeowner associations, condominium associations, single and multi-family units. Our services include building maintenance, lease administration, operating and capital budgeting, property accounting and all major reporting formats.

We offer outstanding customer service. Our ongoing commitment to our clients, whether they are individual local property owners or condominium associations, has earned us a great reputation in the area. Feel free to ask us for references.


Rent collection. Rent checks are made payable to O'Connor Management and are deposited into our company's escrow account. If applicable, late fees are charged to the tenant's account according to the lease agreement.

Bill payment. O'Connor Management pays all owner expenses, typically utilities for common areas (public lighting, water, sewer and trash removal); any maintenance invoices, including routine lawn care/snow removal, etc.; and mortgage payments and insurance premiums, if desired. Bills are paid using the rent money kept in the company's escrow account.

Monthly statement. Once all expenses are paid, owners are sent the remaining rent along with a monthly statement itemizing all debits and credits for the property. An owner's monthly check may be deposited directly to the owner's bank account, if desired. Monthly management fees are deducted from each property's account. We ask that owners keep a reserve amount with O'Connor Management so that funds are available in case of emergency or for invoices that come due before next month's rent arrives.



O'Connor Management serves as the maintenance contact for residents, including a 24-hour emergency maintenance line. The property manager must approve all repairs before the maintenance crew is dispatched. Our in-house maintenance crew is able to handle a wide variety of repairs, including minor plumbing and electrical repairs. When more specialized work is required, such as HVAC maintenance or complicated plumbing or electrical work, the property manager calls in a specialized contractor. While we prefer to use our list of trusted service providers, we are always willing to use vendors requested by our clients. For larger repairs, three estimates are obtained before a contractor is selected.

Repair requests are most often called in by tenants, but we also conduct monthly property inspections in order to keep an eye on things such as landscaping, exterior painting, tuckpointing, cleanliness, etc. This helps to keep the property well-maintained and can catch needed repairs while still small jobs. O'Connor Management takes a proactive approach to building maintenance by setting up a yearly preventive/routine maintenance schedule for each property. This includes gutter cleaning, landscaping and snow removal services, HVAC maintenance, hallway cleaning and general bug spraying.

Owners are billed for maintenance items on an as-needed basis. Maintenance charges are in addition to the monthly management fee. A maintenance price list is available.



We work with the owner of each property to establish a list of and calendar for such items, which are tailored to each property.

Common Preventive And Routine Maintenance Items:

  • Establish and monitor routine hallway cleaning.
  • Establish and monitor routine lawn care, leaf removal and snow removal.
  • Change common area light bulbs as needed.
  • Change common area smoke detector batteries twice a year or as needed.
  • Monthly inspections are conducted to check the status of landscaping, exterior and common area paint, tuckpointing, gutters, screens, general cleanliness, etc. Any items found to be in need of repair will be addressed.
  • Gutters cleaned out three times a year.
  • HVAC maintenance performed on all units in spring (A/C) and fall (heat).
  • General pest control sprays done twice a year (spring and fall). Additional pest control issues are dealt with as needed.
  • Yard cleanups are conducted in spring and fall, if needed. Yard cleanups include weeding beds, trimming bushes and trees, mulching and fertilizing.